Hi! Thanks for being here. I have been researching rabbit hole topics (and alternatives to the mainstream narrative) since 2005. Through the years, my perspective on the world as we know it has continued to evolve. My goal is not to convince you of my viewpoint. On some topics, I am still sorting through the whitenoise myself! I intend to present multiple points of view and ideas that you probably haven't stumbled upon yourself yet. And every once in awhile, there will be a theory or two that are my specific belief or original theory. I want this to be a collective and amalgamation of free thinkers. We have to stop falling into the black and white, binary boxes that the Establishment want us to fit into. 

I didn't start this venture until now because I didn't think I had enough to start a platform based on my own opinions and thoughts. (Hello ADHD and Perfectionism!) But I am throwing that out the window. This world needs all of us thinking and working together to get out of this thing alive and intact. Plus, this is a space of the internet that I have not found many female content creators in. And I decided that I absolutely do have a voice and ideas to contribute. Feel free to reach out at intotheaetherium@gmail.com.

Open your mind. Fall down the rabbit hole and question everything!